KIDS Coding


KIDS Coding

In our experience we understand coding will be refreshing experience if you learn coding the right way. MIT has developed SCRATCH which is a world renowned method to learn coding in a playful way. In this course kids will learn to build their own stories or interactive games using SCRATCH. They will understand how to use loops, variables, strings and other composites that a coder needs to understand.
If you are a kid who wants to build your coding skill or if you are a parent who has a kid between 7-13 years old and you want your kid to learn coding in an enjoyable way then this course is definitely for you. ANCIT has trained thousands of kids on SCRATCH. Kids will create and share projects with Scratch. They will learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for everyone in today’s society. Over the past decade, 35 million kids in over 150 countries around the world have used Scratch to create their own animations, games, and other interactive projects while learning the basics of coding.

What will be the learning in Basic Level?

Kids will learn the coding concepts by creating an Animated game, Interactive story, Art, Mathematical Quiz

Day1 (1 Hour) - Introduction to Coding and the basic usage of Scratch Software

Day2 (1 Hour) - Learning of Basic loops, Animations, Sensing Concept along with Variable usage by building up an Animated Game

Day3 (1.5 Hours) - Add on Animations, Creating music and art,Conditionals, Loops usage by building up an Interactive Story

Day4 (1.5 Hours) - Arithmetic Operators and String handling usage by building up a Mathematical Quiz along with the introduction to Cloning Concept


Course completion certificate will be provided at the end of session..Projects will be given to students after attending the Basic level in MIT scratch and we will be issuing the Certificate of Excellence once the project is done!


Instructors: Pavithra
Delivery option: Online

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