CAPL for CAN - Beginners


CAPL for CAN - Beginners

Automotive System Testing is an integral part of the software development cycle of ECU. There is a huge demand for good Automotive System Testing engineers who can be readily deployed in the market. VECTOR CANoe tool is a very widely used tool by the industry for Automotive System testing and CAPL is the scripting language used for simulating automotive ECUs in VECTOR CANoe tool. CAPL for CAN is a 4 Hour weekend crash course that will enable all the participants to start programming in CAPL. We will introduce you to all the functionalities in CANoe and how to use the existing use cases in CANoe. We will also help you build and test a ECU testing environment using CAPL during the course

You Will Learn

You will understand how industry uses CANoe and CAPL in their day today life. In this Course you will learn

How to program in CAPL

Understand the various functionalities in CANoe

Play around with the existing use cases in CANoe

Build and test an ECU simulation using CAPL and CANoe

When The Course is Scheduled?

All Saturday of every month between 10AM to 2PM (IST)


We will issue a Certificate of Completion to the participants post successful completion. This Certificate is included as part of the training.


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