Automotive Electronics Industry is one of the major recruiters of software engineers in the world. There are many stake holders in the Automotive Electronics Industry like OEMs or Original Equipment Manufacturers (BENZ,TATA, RoyalEnfield, TVS etc) , Tier 1 companies (Bosch, CONTI, DELPHI) , Tier2 companies, and consultants like HCL , LNT. All these players in the market require Automotive System Testing Engineers as they are an integral part of the software development cycle. There is a huge demand for good Automotive System Testing engineers who can be readily deployed in the market. ANCIT launched its Flagship Program for Freshers and Associates looking for a break into the Automotive Market. It's a Certificated Training Program on Automotive System Testing. It’s a 100% Hands on Program taught by Industry Practitioners. We will also help with Career Opportunity and Guidance. The course will be a 30 hour course with around 200 hours of offline hand on commitment from the candidate to complete the certification. ANCIT has successfully delivered these courses and all the candidates who have taken the course are placed in one of the different types of companies listed above.

Why should you join the course?

If you are planning to start a career as a System Test Engineer in leading Car Manufacturing company (OEM), a Tier1 company or semiconductor industry then this course for you. In this course you will learn

  • The basics of CAN and UDS
  • The basics of PYTHON, ROBOT Framework and CAPL and how to use these languages to write test scripts for CAN and UDS.

    You will exactly learn how Industry employs these tools for building and testing their products. ANCIT has been working with leading CAR manufacturing companies, Tier 1 companies and Semiconductor Industry for the past 12 years and our experience in System Testing can help you become a good fit for the automotive industry.

Who should take up the course?

The course will start from the fundamentals assuming that the participants of the course have very limited knowledge on Automotive Electronics. The course is designed and delivered for all Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical engineers. If you are an embedded engineer and trying to shift your career into the automotive industry then this course is for you as well.

When the course is scheduled?

Live instructor led online program.

From November 07,2020 to November 29,2020 (Saturday & Sunday)

Weekends 10 AM to 2 PM (IST)

Where the course is scheduled?

Platform: Webinar via Google. After Registration, ANCIT team will reach out to you and coordinate the same.

Course Content:

Our Course content is Highly acclaimed by the System Testing Fraternities, Major OEMs, TIER 1 Companies, Semiconductor Industry leaders, Architects and Subject Matter Experts.


We will issue a Certificate of Completion to the participants post successful completion. This certificate will require the candidate to successfully complete the projects and a written test. This Certificate is included as part of the training. The ANCIT CERTIFIED - AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM TEST ENGINEER will ensure you a bright career in the automobile industry.


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